You can rest assured that your little one is in good hands

We know that parents are concerned about their child’s education. At Yellow Brick Road Pre Primary School, our philosophy of formal learning as well as learning through play is upheld in a home away from home environment.

These are challenging times

In 2020 we live in a world that has completely changed. Life has presented us with a new set of new challenges. Education has been turned upside down and parents are faced with having to make many decisions and adjustments in dealing with their child’s education and an uncertain future.

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We understand and are here to help

Yellow Brick Road is one of the leading pre-primary schools on the KZN South Coast. With over 18 years of experience and qualified and dedicated staff that understands, you can rest assured that your little one is in good hands.

We have created a special environment for your child…

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Happy stories from our parents

“I consider one of the most lucky days of my life the day I found Yellow Brick Road. All three of my girls attended YBR and count their years there as some of the happiest so far. The love, the guidance, the assurance as a full time working mom that my children couldn’t be in a better environment with people who cared so very much for them and still do - well it was the best decision we could have made. They went to big school ready, confident and thriving and continued through their school careers with what was instilled in them at their

crucial pre-school years. The beginning of their educational journey has been pivotal in their lives and we will always count YBR as a part of our family.”

Viv Williams

“Having recently relocated to the Warner Beach area finding a suitable school for our son was our top priority. From the day we walked into Yellow Brick Road, we felt not just welcomed but loved. Over the past 2 years, Matthew has enjoyed every day of school and especially the infamous “bottom Level”. Each day they journey hand in hand on this yellow brick road, nurturing and loving kids in true Dorothy style with the goal to always bring out the best in each one of their travellers. Thank you YBR for allowing Mathew to become the amazing person that he is and for endearing his adventurous spirit while still maintaining an exceptionally high standard of education.”

Glynis Potgieter

“I had the privilege of both my boys attending Yellow Brick Road and what a beautiful educational journey it was. My boys absolutely loved going to school every single day of their many years there, starting in Toddler Unit and graduating in grade R. YBR’s educational programme teaches so much more than just preparing them for Foundation Phase. They taught my boys to show empathy towards others, to be compassionate and to be kind and accepting of themselves. My sons, aged 10 and 13 are the gentleman they are today thanks to YBR’s impact in those early years. I would highly recommend YBR to anyone and everyone.”

Charlene Van Zyl


30 Harcombe Road

Warner Beach

Amanzimtoti 4126

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