Do you have a marketing strategy for your school?

Does your school have a comprehensive marketing strategy in place? Even if the school is doing well right now, it’s important to have a plan going forward. In uncertain economic times, no business can afford to be complacent and schools are no exception. The time to start future-proofing your school is now.

Where to start, though? The first step is to assess your school’s existing resources and the skills you already have on your payroll. You need a committee to drive the programme, headed by someone who is able to bring the school community on board. This committee must raise the priority of the programme and keep the agenda top-of-mind at all times. Management, and your principal, must buy in from the start. You need to involve people with high levels of commitment, enthusiasm, determination and energy; people who work well together, and who are receptive to being trained in specific skills that they might need.

Then, a good second step is to check whether or not your school has existing marketing channels that could be utilised, like newsletters, online groups, or open days. Is there up-to-date research on how your school is perceived by the local community – learners, parents and teachers included? And if not, could such research be done? Does your principal have relationships with key media people? 

Or course, all this is in vain if you don’t actually know precisely what it is that you want to be telling your community, parents and media. All messaging needs to be consistent in theme and tonality, and every message needs to support your school’s vision and mission. Communication and feedback need to be regular. Facts and figures need to be recent and relevant. 

You must also remember that this is an ongoing project, and activities need to be monitored so that their effectiveness can be measured,

If you’ve realised that your school needs to develop a marketing strategy, there are a few very important things that you need to put in place right from the start. You need to do some planning, get everyone on board, and have a goal. But, working through the process can be extremely rewarding in many ways.

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