Does your school have that feel-good factor?

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Some schools seem to a have a permanent golden glow.

You know the ones. Their academic students achieve. Their sports teams and athletes excel. Their cultural curriculum and events are relevant. Their learners are confident, responsible and likeable. Their parents are involved and positive; their teachers foster excellence as the norm. Media coverage of these schools is glowing, and social media reflects a healthy, dynamic environment. The public perception is that of well-rounded success.

And then, of course, there are the schools that seem to pop up in the media for all the wrong reasons, and whose success stories aren’t made public. The schools that struggle to attract high-potential new learners. The schools that, parents feel, just don’t measure up.

The important thing to understand here is that the schools that fall into the first category haven’t landed here by accident. They’ve put a lot of energy – and budget – into crafting their glowing public image. And some of them have even managed to recover from having bad reputations and are now seen as great schools. 

These schools have realised the value of their image within their community, and they prioritise the funding they need to keep building it. They know that schools – like all other businesses – need to strategise their growth and build a solid marketing plan to move ahead. And, a non-negotiable part of this plan is the funding that supports it.

There are so many good reasons to raise your school’s profile:

  • You’ll create a positive reputation in the community;
  • Your school will attract a high calibre of learner;
  • Learners, parents and educators will have a sense of belonging;You’ll entrench a sense of pride; and
  • Celebrated success will be part of your school’s ethos.

So, if you think it’s time for your school to start building a more positive public face in order to grow and thrive – or to turn around a less-than ideal reputation – remember that it isn’t just going to happen. You need to devise a plan, spend time and allocate money. And, like all businesses outsource specialist roles to professionals, you might need to ask a pro to help put this marketing plan together for you. 

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