Who are the important role-players in your school’s marketing strategy?


Often, when looking for a new school for their children, parents judge a potential school based solely on their impression of the principal. The principal is the face of a school, and he or she plays a critical role when it comes to promoting the school.

A principal should:

  • Be involved in a school’s daily routines, from greeting learners in the morning, to being present at sports events and concerts; 
  • Be present at open days, so that prospective parents can interact with him or her on a personal, informal level;
  • Have a voice on a school’s website, and in the prospectus and newsletters.
  • Be available on a forum for learners and teachers; and
  • Develop relationships with feeder schools.
  • This will help parents to gain a perspective of the head’s personality and leadership.


Your learners are – or should be – vital assets of your school’s promotional plan. Everything they do, at school and in the wider community, can have an effect on how your school is perceived, so it makes sense to make them aware of the role they play in marketing the school and maintaining a positive public profile.

You can do this by:

  • Doing vision-building exercises with them, and then ensuring that their views are taken into account;
  • Making the most of their positive achievements in your own publications and in the media;
  • Include examples of their work in your school’s promotional collateral; and
  • Encouraging them to be mindful of the impression they create when out in the wider community.


It is critical to involve all stakeholders when devising and implementing your marketing strategy. When people are consulted, included, and assured that their views are important, they are far more likely to embrace and accept change and to play their part in bringing about change. 

This kind of consultation is also important because a school can only be effective if it fills the needs of both their immediate and wider communities. Effective stakeholder communication can be facilitated by:

  • Including people when building your vision;
  • Opening up meetings and briefings to all who are interested;
  • Issuing written updates;
  • Sharing all plans; and
  • Ensuring that all views are heard and respected.

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